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Exams where maid to be cruel and is a form of torture!

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The Weregirl.

Running through crashing lightning thunder, the rain falling harshly, slashing at my face seemingly more and more intense, with every drop a thousand needles driving through my skin.
Can’t slow down. Must not slow down.
My grey coat already soaked through. Dodging low hanging branches of trees and thorny bushes, easily turning sharp corners as my paws thud in front of me. Almost there, almost safe. A few more turns, then home. They’ll be lost.
One careless mistake, just one. Now they chase me, trying to catch “the weregirl,” …me. The difference between humans and wolves, they see somebody different, they hunt, they catch, they kill. We protect our own and other than ourselves. Not caging, not killing. Live and let live.
Turning the last corner, I can see the hollow tree. It’s close. Must not slow down yet. Jump.
Leaping through the thunder lit sky into the gaping hollow between the trees. Skidding across the clearing at the bottom of the hollow…I know no human could see our hiding place. I know, I made it.
Looking around grateful to see everyone there. We have been planning the chase for today. Thankfully. Yesterday they took us by surprize and we’d all scattered. Today we were ready for them, we had everyone’s routes all planned out, I took the longest route. It was against fathers will, but I knew that I wouldn’t be taking it just for my own sake, I am younger and used to running long distances.
 Tired and weary I lay down on my little spot as mother came rushing over to me with father at her side, looking worried.
“Are you alright?” mother asked, “You took longer than what you should have, you never take so long to run that far and never are so tired, why did you take so long? Why are you so tired?”
I looked up at them trying to catch my breath, my chest heaving in and out. “I . . . Took a few . . . extra turns. . . Struggled to. . . Loose them,” I said between gasps.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Creatures of the night

The day ends,
The sun goes.
The night falls,
The moon shows.
The stars appear,
Little children cower in fear.

We light our lanterns,
And the hunt begins.

No abnormal creatures . . .
. . . Not yet.
We scout thrugh the forest,
Stakes in hand.

Three dead,
In such a small town,
All drained of blood.
You ask.
I think not.

It's 1809,
This is a terrible time.
They've killed so many of us,
And thus,
We hunt,
We decrease thier race.

If one of us,
Gets taken bu this,
This curse,
That has haunted us,
Through ought the years.

I'm the only feemaleone of us,
In this place,
I am vulnerable,
In this case.


My centeries old brother,
Steps out from the trees,
I smile at him,
With a wicked grin.

My plan was easy to do,
I have so much influence.

This is so easy to do,
When you're ten centuries,
And fourteen years.

My brother and I,
 Staly some slayers.
We surprise them,
Then they meet their fate.

My brother and I,
Finish out meal.
He runs off,
And I start to feel,
Feel some eyes,
Boring into my back.

I tern.

I see another,
Creature of the night.

We knod at each other,
We'd met ages ago.

We respect our diffriences,
As we go.

My fangs retract,
And shorten to normal,

I go to the others,
And tell them,
That the one group is dead.

They will never know the truth,
'Cause I'll die,
If they do.

I finger my ring with the sappire,
They will never know,
That I am a vampire.

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