Sunday, 18 May 2014

And then?

A story.
It’s consumed.

A life time story.
You swear was written,
Only for you.

You wait.
In a cliff hanger.

You left waiting.
In a twist half done.

You wait.
For the twist to finish.

You wait.
For a whole year.


For the next twist!

To finish in a year.

A repeated pattern.
Like the to and fro,
On a swing.


When it ends.
When you jump off!
In the peak of your swing.
Your body is still left, with the ghost of the to and fro swing.

The last book comes.
You gobble it up greedily.

The last word.
And you are still left.


And then.
Only then.
Does it hit you.

You will never be contented,
In your wondering.